Friday, October 30, 2009

Thursday's Appt

I wanted to post a recent picture of Abby. Her swelling is gone completely and her weight is back to normal. Her hair is growing out and we got her bangs cut all the way across so it looks more like we planned on her hair being like that! This is the pumpkin we carved last night when we got home! We roasted the seeds and you would have thought they were candy! Her and Lyla both gobbled them up!
We went to St. Jude yesterday for a neurology appt. All went well (other than driving in the downpour). We just talked about her seizure medication, side effects, dosage, etc. We are going to reduce her dosage slightly and see if it helps with behavior and sleep problems. Hopefully there will be no breakthrough seizures and we can keep her seizure free on less medication! We took Lyla with us but Jason and I had a hard time listening and concentrating on the doctor with all the commotion! We decided it would be best to leave her behind when we go Monday and Tuesday. I really want to be able to give 100% of my attention to what it going on with Abby. I hate leaving her though.

Please pray for all of us. It was hard to go back after being gone so long. Those "I don't belong here" feelings were pretty strong! It's also hard to see all the other kids who are so sick-we are so fortunate but we know that at any time she could be one of those beautiful bald babies. Pray that the tumor will not have grown! I really want 3 more months of freedom!

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Just wanted to remind everyone to either sign up to join the Abby's Army marathon team or to make a donation to the team. If you are having trouble signing up (it is confusing) then call the phone number on the web page and ask them to walk you through it. It is not very user friendly!

I know most of you who keep up with us pray for us daily but I ask that you pray a little extra over the next few weeks. We go to St. Jude in one week for a neurology appt and we go on Nov 2 & 3 for our complete workup, including the MRI. Please pray that the tumor will not have grown and that we will get another 3 months of "freedom" from chemo. Pray for Abby since she will once again be subjected to long days and IVs. Pray that Jason & I will have patience with both girls and each other since it is stressful for all of us to be away from home. Thank you all for your love and prayers!