Tuesday, August 24, 2010

MRI Results

We just returned from St. Jude and everything went very well-the MRI showed no tumor growth!! Words will never be able to describe the feelings I have after hearing those words, utter relief and joy.

Abby was very brave yesterday when she got her IV. We had been practicing and she did awesome! She did cry but she did not melt down, I was so proud! The MRI went smoothly and she had an easy recovery from it. Lyla went with us on this trip and she was so good-I am super proud of her too!

We were able to go the the Children's Museum and play for a while and have a nice meal last night. We were all very tired though.

Today we had an eye appointment-her vision is still excellent. Then we met with the neuro oncologist. It was a fairly quick and easy trip and of course the results are fantastic!

I feel so absolutely blessed that God would answer our prayers time and again. It is hard to see so many children who are so ill-I wonder why we have been spared so much. But all I can do is give honor and glory to Him for His wonderful works and never stop praising His mighty name!

Thank you all for your continued prayers. They are being answered!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

MRI Coming Up

Abby's next MRI is in less than a week. Please pray that the tumor has not changed and that we get another 3 months!

She is doing great-no changes in her that we can see. She is excited and a little nervous about going back to St. Jude. She loves it there but hates getting "shots" (IV). She talks about the "shots" a lot and we have actually been practicing lately. She does really good with the IV until the needle comes out so we are practicing NOT LOOKING at the needle. She is going to turn her head and look at her newest stuffed bear instead while I sing her a song. Hopefully it will work. We always put numbing cream on her arm and I really don't think it hurts her but she had some terrible experiences with IVs and blood draws at other hospitals.

Lyla is going with us this time. This will be the last time we go as a family of four. Next time around we will have a newborn baby!

Pray for Abby, pray for Jason and I as this is a very stressful time, and pray for Lyla too! She tends to get overlooked during these visits.