Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Another MRI, Another Victory

Last week we had our round of appointments at St. Jude. Three months sure goes by fast! We drove over to Memphis on Sunday night after church. I woke her up early Monday morning to give her a peanut butter sandwich since she would be NPO until late afternoon. Luckily, she went back to sleep! Abby had to have her IV started first thing in the morning. She did really well, only getting upset when the needle started coming toward her arm! Next time we are going to try to keep her from looking at it. We put numbing cream on her arm and she said it didn't hurt, it was just scarey looking. Next we had our MRI clearance visit with our clinic. This means the nurse looks at her blood work (and her) and declares her healthy enough to have an MRI. After that we had an eye appointment. There was no change in her vision which was a great relief.

The MRI was next. Jason went back with her this time since I was unsure if it was safe for me since I am pregnant. They ended up telling us it was ok for me to go back there as long as I stay out of the MRI room. I had a lot less anxiety though from not being back there. It is really hard to watch her go to sleep and leave her in someone else's care. It goes against your instinct as a parent. Jason felt the same way. After the MRI, I went back to recovery. She woke up really fast this time! The nurse said she was such a good patient, better than most of the teenagers! This MRI was her 9th, if my memory is correct.

After the MRI, she was cranky but finally decided she wanted to go eat and get a new toy for being so good all day!

Tuesday morning we went back to our clinic to see our nurse, Ms. Lindsey and our neuro-oncologist, Dr. Armstrong. Lindsey didn't give us any hints as to the results but she was very smiley with us so we thought that was a good sign. Dr. Armstrong came in with a big smile on his face and immediately told us the good news! No tumor growth! YEA!! He said that it was remarkable! We viewed the MRI. Abby was in the room with us and looked at the pictures too. On some you could really see her eyeballs which she thought was so cool. I am still amazed when I see those pictures. The tumor is so large and widespread and yet, she is perfectly normal. It is truly a miracle.

We came home after that but had to go back on Thursday morning for more appointments. We took Lyla with us this time. She is such a handful! Abby liked her being there though. Our first appointment was an EEG. I had to take Lyla out of the room so Jason stayed with her. She did great! We ate lunch then had an appointment with the neurologist, Dr. Shah. She was happy with the EEG results and how Abby is doing on the seizure meds.

After that we took the girls to the zoo. It was really hot that afternoon but they had a good time.

I was much more calm this time around. I had a few meltdowns leading up to the trip but once we got there I felt peaceful. I was not surprised when he said the tumor was stable like I usually am. I knew it would be. I was also so proud of Abby for being so brave and good. She has adjusted to this craziness better than anyone else!

My heart is full of gratitude to God for His blessings. I am so grateful that Abby has had a whole year of freedom from treatment. I am so grateful that she has no deficits even though the tumor is massive. I am so grateful that we have a place like St. Jude so close. I am so grateful for all those who continue to pray for our sweet Abby.

We have another 3 months of freedom before the next MRI. Please keep praying for her and for our whole family.