Sunday, November 18, 2012

Down But Not Defeated

I was waiting to update everyone on Abby's medicines and seizures because I wasn't really sure what to write.  Its been up and down, touch and go.  The newest medicine, Vimpat, seemed to be working very well-there were no seizures and virtually no side effects.  I was ready to shout 'Victory!' and spread the news that this medicine was 'the one'. And then the seizures started again. 

Our neurologist has increased her dose twice but the seizures just keep coming.  She has reached her maximum dose for this medicine now.  We are extremely disappointed and frustrated.

It looks like she will have to begin a third medicine.  But our neurologist wants us to have the long term EEG done again before she prescribes more medicine.  Abby and I will be heading to Le Bonheur the week after Thanksgiving and she will be admitted to the EMU (Epilepsy Monitoring Unit) for at least 2 days but she could be there for up to 5 days.  I will stay with Abby and Jason (and our parents) will stay home with the rest of the crew.

We desperately need prayer!  Jason and I do not want Abby to be on multiple medications.  Please pray that the information they get at the EMU will guide them to the perfect treatment plan for Abby.  Pray for peace and comfort for us during this time.  Pray for our little ones-life will be out of sorts for a bit.  Pray that the seizures stop.  Pray that the tumor disappears.  Pray that Abby is healed.

Although we are down, we are not defeated.  I believe that God is true to His word.  His word says that we don't have to be afraid or worried.  His word says that Jesus is making intercession for us-He is praying for Abby.  His word says that He has not forsaken us and that He is with us always.  And His word says that He answers prayers.  I believe it and therefore I have hope!