Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cookbook to Benefit St. Jude

I have been searching the web often looking for healthy recipes that fit into our new diet. I have found some great websites but yesterday while looking up how to cook spaghetti squash I came across a blog that caught my eye. The author of the blog had compiled healthy kid friendly recipes from other blogs and made a cookbook as a fundraiser for St. Jude! You make a donation and download the cookbook and all the money is going to be given to St. Jude. How great is that! I am constantly amazed at how generous and kind people are.

I got a cookbook for myself and have already made something in it (it was the parmesan chicken nuggets and they were delicious). It's great and I wanted to share it with all of you. Go to scroll down a little and look on the right hand side. There is a picture of the cookbook and a headline. You can donate any amount through PayPal. Go check it out!

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