Monday, January 4, 2010

Outside the Snow is Falling..

Abby was so excited that it snowed! She has had a blast sledding, making snow angels, and eating icicles! Lyla, on the other hand, would rather be somewhere warm. Thought I would share a few pictures of them enjoying the snow!

Starting soon, I plan to post about the very beginning of our journey in greater detail. I didn't start blogging until after we went to Houston which was about 3 weeks into it. I am mainly doing this for myself. I want to write about it now before I forget anything. I plan for this blog to be a record for Abby when she gets older so she can see what she went through and how far she has come. And I want to do this for all of you who read about Abby. Some of you may not know much about how this all started. I will write as often as I can until I am done telling the story.
Hope you all are staying warm!
Note added on Friday, January 6, 2010: I did post about the first few days of our journey but knew I wouldn't be able to finish it. I don't know why, but it didn't feel like the right thing to do. I removed the post and won't be telling that part of the story any time soon. I think it is too soon and too personal. So sorry.


  1. Nice pictures! Two very cute little snow bunnies.


  2. Darling photos, I'm so glad they had fun!
    It can be a great release to write it out, and I'm sure that Abby will be glad to read it when she's older.

  3. Mogan - You are a gem. Some things just take time and you're wise to know what you're able to do. We're all human and have limits. We took my dad off of life support a little over 3 years ago and there are things I have only told to one person. I needed to share it but couldn't 'put it all out there.'

    Abby will love reading this when she's older. She'll get to see all of the people who were praying for her along the way, too.

  4. Love the new pictures... so cute. Take your time telling the story. It is emotional. You may want to write it just for yourself now, and not share it on the blog at 1st. It will still be very heart wrenching, but at least you won't fear what others will think about the journey or your feelings about it.

    Pray for you all often!!
    Love ya!
    Kellie Beggs