Sunday, September 20, 2009

What she thinks and says...

Some of you may wonder what Abby thinks about all this. So I thought I would give you a little insight into that.

We told her back at ACH that she had a boo boo inside her head that she can't see and that doesn't hurt but makes her dizzy sometimes and that is why she takes medicine and why she has MRIs. She doesn't call them MRIs-she says they are taking her picture. We explained that the MRI machine is like a huge camera that takes pictures of the inside of her head and lets the doctors look at her boo boo. Honestly, she doesn't ask many questions about it. When she had surgery we told her that they would look inside her head and try to fix some of the boo boo. We answer any questions honestly but like I said, she doesn't ask toom nay questions. She does, however, talk about it a lot.

I thought I would list some of the things she has said:

"I like it when they take my picture. They give me medicine and I fall asleep and I snore and you give me a kiss."

"When they took my brain out it gave me a bubble head" (bubble head is what we called the swelling)

"I couldn't see out of this eye after they took my brain out" (b/c of swelling)

"Did I almost fall and you caught me?" (her version of one of her seizures, she has heard me tell it to doctors and nurses probably 30 times)

She also talks about God, Jesus, and angels a lot.
"When I had surgery, God sent angels to take care of me. I wasn't scared."

"God is talking to me. I think I'll read God a book." (thunder is God talking to her)

"Did God tell you to stay home and take care of your babies b/c I was in the hospital for so long?" (why I don't work any more)

"Angels carry you to heaven, mama"

"I love Jesus. I want him to come play toys with me."

"The Holy Ghost is a good ghost." (has been talking about ghosts a lot lately so we had a talk about the Holy Ghost and now that is what she always wants to talk about, the Holy Ghost!)

It always amazes me the simple love she has for God and Jesus. She sees them as real people who care about her. I am so glad that she understands that so young.

I love listening to her talk b/c I never know what kind of precious words will come out of that mouth. If I think of any more I will post them.

Please continue to lift her and our family up in prayer.


  1. I am so glad to hear that things are going so well for all of you. Thank you for continuing to keep us updated. I was tickled to hear that you have been able to share your testimony with some churches. I know that God smiles every time he hears it! Keep the faith. You are a source of much encouragement to so many!

  2. Nothing like the view from a child's eyes.

  3. This was the sweetest post!!!!! It brought me chills, but warms my heart. We are still praying that her next MRI goes great (more pictures). Let us know when that is. Hope to meet you and Abby soon.
    God Bless,
    Kellie Beggs

  4. Kids say the cutest things, and they are so innocent. They seem to see things in a whole different light. I'm glad to hear everything is going so well. Thanks for keeping us updated.

    Amanda Hollis Stevens

  5. Oh my goodness, I almost cried! That is the sweetest thing I've read in a while...loooong while. Bless her sweet baby heart!