Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Doing Well

Sorry I have not posted in so long.  I took a break from the blog this weekend but meant to post again on Monday.  We have been so busy since getting here that I haven't had time.

We arrived Monday night and are staying at the Grizzlies House.  It is very nice-like a hotel.  We have a suite that has a living area and a separate sleeping area.  It has a playroom and playground and a dining room where they have special dinners for the guests sometimes.  

Everyone has been great here.  It is like a small community.  All the other parents have been helpful getting us around and adjusted.  We met with lots of people yesterday and it was a bit overwhelming.  The hospital is very nice-happy and bright.  Good cafeteria.  Beautiful outdoor areas.  We really love it here so far.  

Today we are having an MRI.  I am actually in the waiting room right now.  It is supposed to start at 1:15.  She already had her IV placed this morning and she was so brave!  So the bad part of the day is over and we are on to the easy stuff.  

All the waiting rooms have play rooms with games, crayons, video games, etc.  This waiting room has a huge fish tank.  Like I said-very nice!  They take care of you here for sure.  They think of everything.  It really helps to have some of the burden to be carried by them.

Abby is a little upset about being back at a hospital but it helps that we get to go to a "hotel."  Yesterday was really tough on her (actually all of us) but she seems better today.  It is surreal to be here.  St. Judes is for other families-not for us.  I guess I am still in a little denial about all this.  Another mom told me yesterday that this will become our new normal and this will be our second home.  Hard to believe this could ever be "normal."

We think we will get to come home tomorrow night but we are not sure yet.  Pray for Abby and for us!  We love you all!


  1. So glad you posted an update today. I am her aunt and know what is going on but I check this blog all of the time anyway! I miss you guys and am ready for you to come home. I am with you on the denial part-I don't want St Jude's to become your second home but I am thankful that we have such a wonderful resource so close to home. I was a little bummed out after talking to you yesterday but God has blessed us a every turn during this difficult journey and I still have hope and faith that this will all be behind us some day. Love you lots!

  2. Hi! My name is Sarah Poole and I am a speech therapist at WRMC. I want you to know that Abby is on our prayer list at church, and I've talked to my kids (Nathan and Sophie) about Abby and we pray for her daily. I know this is very difficult for all of you, but I hope that knowing how many people are thinking of you and praying for you helps to ease the heavy weight you're carrying at times. I hope you're having a good day, and don't forget: God is GOOD all of the time!

  3. You all are still in our prayers. I am glad the doctors know what kind of tumor it is and can start treatment so soon. That's great news! Stay strong. I am here if you need me. --Kindra