Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday, May 28th

Abby had a much better day today! She was alert and happy most of the day. She even played a little dress up! I was craving Chinese food and was just going to get take out but she decided she wanted to go in the restaurant and eat so we all loaded up and went out to eat. We even got ice cream afterward! It was wonderful to get her out of the house and do something normal. We all needed that.

St. Jude's called today and we go there on June 9th and 10th to meet our doctors and learn what our treatment plan will be. She also said that the lab results from Le Bonheur indicated that her tumor was a low grade glioma. We were very excited to hear that! We still don't know what that means for her prognosis but its better than if it were high grade. I am pretty sure it means she won't have to have radiation which is a relief. I am really having to learn some patience! I want to know everything and I want to know it now! She is supposed to call me again tomorrow with the details of our appointments and I plan on asking more questions about what low grade gliomas are.

Please continue praying for all of us!


  1. Morgan: I am so thankful you got some good news. I've been praying for ya'll, and will continue praying. The benefit last Friday went really well. Everyone kept me really busy at the door. They kept coming in all night! Abby is loved by so many people. It is amazing how many lives one small 3 year can reach.

    Amanda Hollis Stevens

  2. Morgan, thanks so much for keeping us posted. I know you are anxious to hear what is to come. I am so glad you got to have such a good day. It's things like that we all take for granted isn't it. Keep on keepin' on my dear.

  3. Shelley PfitznerMay 29, 2009 at 10:37 AM

    I am glad you got to get out and have dinner prepared by someone else!! :)